About Renting Pages

Each page is available to rent on a month by month basis. No contract no extra costs and no hidden charges. When you have paid, the page will host your website as it is with all connection going to you. All you have to do is pay for a month (we recommend a monthly setup with PayPal) so you do not loose the page.

After you have paid, place your web address in the box provided and your whole website will be in the position you found the page. Web address should be entered as http://www.yoursite.com or http://yourwebsite.com   The http://  or   https://  must be used.


Note Carefully

If you do not pay the fee, the website will automatically be removed being replaced by a new rental banner.

If you have premises in different locations or you would like to cover a larger catchment area please contact us for a reduction in fee.  Contact  07982 902 952