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What is Chiropractic or what does a Chiropractor do?

Parsons Green Chiropractors Hammersmith & Fulham, a primary health-care profession, which is the third largest after Medical and Dentistry. Around ten million patient visits are logged every year with BCA members.
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We as Professional Qualified Chiropractors herein Parsons Green Hammersmith & Fulham SW6 are governed by a statute which means we have to keep up to date with all the latest procedures. We always administer the latest and most advanced treatment available.
Chiropractors treat problems with Joints, Nerves, and Muscles, in fact, all the joints in the body but mainly the spine. We often use gentle but precise manipulation which can be referred to as adjustments to improve the functionality of the joints. Which in turn helps reduce inflammation and restores healthy functions to the joints.
Chiropractic is suitable for everybody from babies to the elderly. As a professional, we look at the person as an individual tailoring a package of care for them. Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery; because chiropractic works, and it is backed up by growing medical evidence, and recommended in numerous medical guidelines

How can a Chiropractic help me?

Through restoring expected functionality of the joints and muscles in your body. These injuries include postural problems, sports injuries, car or other accidents, stress, lack of exercise, illness, or just wear and tear.
Chiropractic manipulates the body in a way to help the body itself recover from all kinds of injuries suffered during life experiences. The plan of treatment provided is always backed up with self-help instructions specifically designed to assist your recovery. Going forward, allowing you to take control of your injury for the long term through all knocks and bumps.

Finding a chiropractic clinic can be daunting but just look for good reviews see below


Advanced BioStructural Correction Hammersmith & Fulham (ABC)

Using ABC Therapy, it is possible to erase your body’s history of trauma. By guiding your body back through problem areas and allowing the tension to unlock its self in each zone. Each area of tension and injury can be removed completely, therefore returning your body to its natural posture.

A Doctor of Chiropractic will assess your body to determine which modifications are necessary. modifications made to joints that have moved forward and also to deeply held meningeal adhesions that interfere with the neural flow. The treatments gradually unwind your body, clearing deep-rooted injuries and trauma from your body’s structures.

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